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Jan 16, 2013 11:00pm PST
checks are run, more education for -- around the issue of mental health, more money for putting police and armed security in schools, something the n.r.a. has supported in the past. but the headlines are really about the reopening of this gun debate which has been dormant since 1994. >> rose: joe scarborough, do you believe that the time has come and that because of joe biden, because of michael bloomberg, because of former congressman gabrielle giffords that there is a possibility of doing something now or is it simply the possibility of beginning the conversation? >> the it seems like it was the beginning of a conversation that would end in failure even two, three weeks back. if you talked to people that were inside the white house and working with joe biden i don't think there was a lot of hope that they thought they could ever get through an assault weapon ban in the house and the senate. for actually, though, it's not been michael bloomberg's actions over the past several weeks or gabrielle giffords or joe biden's that i think has made the biggest difference. i think the reason wh
Jan 15, 2013 12:00am PST
course, yes. >> rose: she stood up for education. >> absolutely. >> rose: stupd for women, even though she was 13413. >> sure. i think she was more effective than practically any other military operation, even, in how she gathered the sentiments and the emotions and just all pack stains, almost, unanimously, all pakistanies other than barring one or two sort of fringe elements who like to believe this to be a conspiracy. and she presented it in a very simple wayment she presented, i'm not saying-- when i say presented mi saying considered, presented it in a simple way. >> by her own personal actions. >> absolutely it was the malawa, pakistan, why a 14-year-old had the guts to stand up for her right to education. and the pakistan of the people who attacked her, okay, who felt threatened by a 14-year-old ability to stand up for her right today case so you can imagine what mind-set. so i therefore believe that any political party, any political leader or anyone in pakistan who increasesed ideaological space for these people to be able to operate is not, you know, looking in pakistan's nat
Jan 22, 2013 12:00pm PST
even see it then-- is how much he's learned. he's had the ultimate washington education so we see two changes in him. one is the philosophical change we've been talking about. this is the president who didn't always say what he really thought in the first term. when there were terrible storms that leveled parts of missouri he flew down there and he gave consoling speeches in which he talked about those storms as acts of god which really angered some of the climate advocates because they said how can you talk about this like an act of god when we believe that this is linked to climate change and we can do something about it? gun control. this is a president who did very little on gun control in his first term and within hours of the newtown shooting you could see how that changed. he came out and made that first statement and you said to yourself this is a president who's going to try to do something about gun control. the second question is how much smarter he's gotten about the washington maneuvering. the white house did do a better job at playing out the recent series of debt and bu
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)